Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alt Leveling Quickies

Looking over my posts from last week, one might notice a small slowdown. Leaves a hole in most of your hearts.

Stems from a few places: new and exciting stuff going on at work, in-game doldrums between patches, and more importantly, a super top secret pet project that I've started in WoW. I've been feverishly writing about it, but not posting yet, because I don't want my posts to actually interfere with the project itself. So lots of content that'll be posted probably starting in May or so, once I've concluded the project.

Of course, that means that once Ulduar comes out, and I've got lots to talk about, I'll also likely open the flood gates on these extra articles, so the timing is unfortunate, but what can I do. The inspiration for my project came to me when it came to me, and sadly not at a convenient time for posting purposes.

Here's a few quickies from this weekend:

1) Working on leveling an alt. Another player and I are mostly keeping our two alts close to eachother. Fun because its tank/healer (or at least was until he respec'd), so I'm seeing forming PuG's from the other side of the tracks.

2) One nice part of the design of Northrend quest zones is that we can keep one zone for solo work, and also keep another zone with quests totally synchronized (aka, don't go to the zone when the other guy isnt on). Piddle at your own pace in the solo zone, and then when we're on at same time, the synchronized zone just flys.

3) If you've never done a "Kill 15 xyz" quest by rounding up 15 mobs on a Feral Druid, and having a Shadow Priest Mind Sear them down, its a sight to behold.

4) One of my toons is a level 65 who's only real activities are earning tips as a Blacksmith and following Amava around for the daily JC quest. She went the full way through level 65 and dinged 66 simply by doing the one quest daily. If I was clever, I'd calculate how long it'll be till this girl turns 68 and becomes eligible for Northrend proper, but I am not so I won't.

5) Progress continues....slowly...on the Explorer's League. Roughly 1 month till Revered, then close to 4 months beyond that for Exalted, that is if I don't miss any days. At least the one quest is fun...ish.

6) I've been using the alt as a place to learn tanking. I've put that on hold, just a little bit. 3.1 will give 360 degree, non-targeted swipe, basically consecration for bears. I'll re-learn tanking once that's in place. Or just tank an instance when I have quests for it.

7) Group quests take on new meaning when you've got a level 80 with a gorilla hovering overhead ready to drop down and lend a helping hand.

8) Achievements that just sorta happen are a very amusing addition to the game. I fell off a cliff. I nearly died. I dinged "falling down" achievement adding a big chuckle to the moment. A level 80 Orc death knight was harassing two level 74 Alliance players. When we turned on him and killed him, I dinged some achievement for killing one of each race, adding a big chuckle to the moment.

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