Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DSL d/c from WoW

Do any of you connect to WoW over DSL?

When I'm connecting via one of two DSL networks available to me, and there's an incoming call, 90% of the time I get d/c'd from WoW.

When I'm playing over a Cable Modem, no such problem (what with there being no phone on that network, its tough to compare apples-to-apples).

Anybody else have this problem, and more importantly, know a fix?


Bill said...

I had this problem several years ago with SBC in Dallas. First question, Is there noticeable static on your phone line when you talk to folks? If so, then it is a problem with the wires either going into your place or at the nearest junction box. That is what happened to me. I stopped calling about the DSL and called about the static, and while talking to the tech (who was down the block at the box) he stated that the wires for my place were completely rotted out. He changed them, called me back and there was no static and from there on out my DSL was 100%

The biggest give away is the static on your line. If it is there, then have them check all the lines.

I know I paid for an extra 'Line Insurance' with SBC for the wires in my apartment cause the place was kinda run down. If you too pay for that, then they'll replace for free. Otherwise it's gonna take some cash to fix...if it is inside your place.

If it's between you and the junction box, it's the telco's responsibility.

Hope this rambling helped....and I hope it is as simple as the telco fixing some of their wires.

Santyn said...

I play over a DSL connectin also, but have never experienced that problem. If I had to guess, it would be because of sub-par wiring in your area.

It is possible that you might be too far from the telco's local office. DSL is a distance dependent connection, meaning if you are too far away then you will get poor performance.

I'd start with following Bill's suggestion, and if that doesn't fix it, then switch to cable access.

Morane said...

I have a cable-modem and VOIP so I don't get disconnected, but call quality goes out the window when I'm online.

Amava said...

Thx for the ideas. I'll check for the static on the phone line. Honestly, that phone gets used so infrequently, probably better to just cancel it and tell the 1 person who calls to use the cell phone.

But part of the DSL is to spite the Cable Company. The owner of this home has a score to settle with the cable provider, so doubtful a switch will be made :-)

Anonymous said...

Try dry loop- it's DSL on a line without a working phone number.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the line filter installed for phone that is on the same line as the DSL connection?