Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh noes, the blog

I'll try to keep it quick, since the burning drama that I'd like to talk about (and no, those of you who incorrectly think I'm suffering from infatuation, its not the drama that you think it is, although there is some awfully big cannon fodder out there this week) is best kept quiet for now. You've been warned, it might be boring(er than normal).

1) Oh noes, the tadpoles! - My level 70 alt is questing through Borean Tundra and has reached the Murloc Quest line. It remains one of the most entertaining things in WoW for me. Between the baby murloc immature murgle-murgle noise generating glands, the goofy murloc suit, and the general clamminess of the event, its just fantastic.

2) Poundin' Some Bosses - No official performance plan update, other than to say that my Patchwerk numbers are back to right around where they should be. I might switch trinkets and regem for next week for no other reason than to try something different. 7 or 8 gems to switch, but luckily some joker is messing with the jewel market, listing stacks and stacks of dirt cheap gems. Annoying to my JC, but pleasing to my raider.

3) Enough with the leftovers - Infused Mushroom Meatloaf. Maybe 6 days in a row now. On three toons per day. My boots are starting to stink from running around the Sewers so much.

4) Slow Boat to China - JC daily quest is required to buy JC recipes. Most of the JC dailies can be done in Grizzly Hills. Not too far from there is the Explorer's League's one and only daily quest. The flight out to the area and the completion of both those dailies feels like the absolutely Slowest Boat to China in the world, with the end goal being 4 or 5 months out for both of them.

5) Big Love - Among the joys of multiple boxes is that you can take care of other stuff (see #3) while riding the slow boat to china (see #4).

6) On the Boosting front - The uber gf and amava went on a nice trip to Heroic Violet Hold with some friends. Its a great place to run because (A) its pretty quick and (B) if you're not a veteran raider/dungeon runner, it offers some chaos and requires paying attention to dynamic targeting and threat management. Fun had by all.

7) Melting Faces - Also on the Boosting front, the uber gf's gear is getting pretty solid according to the pre-raid recommendations. Plus she's performing better and better in runs with friends and PuGs, so that means pretty soon I won't be able to call it "boosting" anymore, which makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Plus, her shadowy flying carpet looks awesome.

8) Snot Rocket - Somebody had what I think is a baby murloc pet during our raid last night. During the quietest of quiet times, you suddenly hear this eerie giggle/whine noise. Soda came out my nose (tmi). I love it, and more to the point, I hope they don't over do it, because I rather enjoy the cleansing that comes with a carbonated beverage passing through your sinuses, but if it happened all the time, it'd lose its impact. I think celebrities and rich people pay thousands of dollars for these types of cleansing treatments at spas, whereas I get it for free as added perk thrown on top of raiding with the guild.


Karl said...

WHY are you going all the way out to Grizzly Hills to do the JC dailies?..

The scourge can be found 15 sec north of dallyland in icecrown (kill the abominations)

The drake, the dark Iron dwarfs, and the reverants ALL can be found just north of K3 in Storm Peaks around the engine of the Makers.

Seriously. I get those dailies done before you even get to Grizzly Hills. (plus, you can look for the time-lost proto-drake around the engine of the makers).

Amava said...

My JC is level 65, which makes Icecrown and Storm Peaks rough (squishy and cannot fly). And even if she can get to the physical location, most of Icecrown is phased weirdly, which means that Amava and my JC will not be in the same phase, so will not be able to see eachother or the same mobs (which is necessary since a level 65 cannot realistically kill mobs in Icecrown without help).

So, I usually throw her onto the 3 minute flight path from Dal to eastern (oops, i called it western in the post) GH while I'm taking care of some other stuff, like cooking dinner, cleaning up around the desk, or doing the daily cooking on another toon.

If she ever levels up higher and is able to survive without assistance, those locations you list are definitely preferable for quick JC questing.

Oh, and for the scourge daily JC quest. There's a few neutral scourge right outside the teleport station in Crystalsong Forest, so that one is actually very quick to get to from Dal if nobody else has killed them recently. I've only come across that quest once so far though.

Karl said...

Ahh... a lvl 65 JCer.

Be ready for the fishing dailies that are coming in 3.1 :-)

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